Special Events Case Studies


Louis Vuitton opened its Flagship store in Amman, Jordan in 2012. The event consisted of VIP exclusive guest list dinner, a media tour, and the presence of Louis Vuitton’s President. iJordan catered for the event from A to Z, including store opening and reception, VIP Gala Dinner, World media tour in Jordan and the LV president’s visit to Jordan.


TAJ lifestyle center is Amman’s high end mall, and coined as the ultimate destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in Jordan. iJordan created its Christmas Concept in 2011, including lavish decorations, and fabulous entertainment.  With iJordan, TAJ was able to hold on to the title of having the largest natural Christmas Tree in Jordan.


Samarah Dead Sea Resort is part of Emaar, a leading real estate agency in the region. iJordan created private events for Samarah’s current tenants and possible buyers. iJordan brought in Raghib Alameh for one of their private functions.


Breitling’s Jet Team came to Tour to Jordan in 2011. iJordan catered for the event from A to Z, creating an enjoyable, professional and safe atmosphere for all to enjoy the Jets as they flew across Jordan. The event included a private cocktail reception for Breitling’s VIPs.


A new concept in Public Events, the parade was organised from A-Z on behalf of the Greater Amman Municipality.  iJordan was the producer of this MEGA event and was responsible for concepts and designs of floats and implementation, to sourcing out entities that would walk the event and choreography.  The promotional campaign, bilingual content development, outreach tools were all created and set-up in record time.  The number of media generated pre and post event was incredible, making it one of Jordan’s largest public events to date.

Madrasati 2008

iJordan launched the Madrasari program back in 2008 for Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abduallah The launch of HMQ Rania initiative to provide better life for schools in need. The event hosted 98 schools and 100 sponsoring companies from the private sector. The launch was done in style, it was an exhibition showcasing all the schools that required revamping, whereby potential sponsors and donors would be able to see and talk to these schools and witness first hand their needs

Zain ACE Meeting 2008

Zain, the region’s leading telecommunications corporation, held its ACE Group Meeting in Jordan in 2008.  Zain ACE hosted approximately 500 Directors and CEOs from the 22 countries that are part of Zain Group. The Event was held at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre , Dead Sea, on the 24th and 25th of October 2008. 100 attendees from Jordan and 550 from outside Jordan. iJordan created, implemented and supervised the event from A to Z, inclusive of all logistics.

Nissan Media Tour 2007

Nissan Middle East launched its 2007 lineup with a media tour held in Amman, Jordan. iJordan created the route for the media, organized the logistics of the accommodation and hotels, and created memorable dinners. The event sequence included a 2 day car show, that included Nissan’s new fleet.